Green Salad Recipe |How to Make Indian Green Salad

Indian Green salad recipe

Green Salad Recipe |How to Make Indian Green Salad

Salad is a healthy food that everyone knows. It also a easy and tasty dish. Its good for heath. Which helps to reduce body cholesterol and body fats? Due to healthiness every doctor suggest to eat green salad daily. Which keep our stomach healthy and germs free. Green salad is made with cucumber, onion black pepper and other ingredients. Cucumber is fill of water which recover the water deficiency of our body. It has so many benefits.  every body can eat salad any time . may be its break fast time, lunch time or in dinner Let us know how to make green salad in Indian styles.<>

How to Make Tasty Veg Salad at Home

Preparation time-15 min
Cooking time-15 min
Level of cooking-easy
Taste – Spicy

Ingredients for Indian Green Veg. Salad

1 medium size Cucumber
1 big size onion
1 medium size Tomato
1 tsp Lemon Juice
Few coriander leaves
1 tsp Oil (mustard or olive)
1 pinch Black Pepper powder
Salt according to taste


Wash the cucumber , Tomato and coriander leaves properly. Then chopped the cucumber and tomato in ½ inch square size. You may cut it slices as you think better.
Peel the onion and chopped it alike as before. Then chopped the coriensder leaves finely and keep aside.
Then add finely chopped coriander leaves , lemon juice and tossed it till the coriander mix properly.
Step- 4
Add the Black pepper powder and salt according to the taste. You may use chaat masala.
Now time to add oil in it. Then tossed it slow hand or by spoon. Then garnish with coriander leaves

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